Does Onward Live Up To The Pixar Legacy? | Coog Cinema Reviews

Pixar’s latest film Onward follows teenage elf brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot as they set out on a magical, yet dangerous, quest for the chance to reunite with their late father for just one more day. Join Yesenia Soto and Ali Jawad as they discuss this adventurous and heart warming film about family in order to answer the question: Does Onward live up to the Pixar Legacy?

Cast and Crew

Host(s): Yesenia Soto, Ali Jawad

Director: Hannia Yeverino

2nd Assistant Camera: Ryan Nelson

Production Assistant(s): Jesus Sanchez, Charles Taylor

Production Manager: Diego Diaz

Editors: Hannia Yeverino, Brittany Lau

Producer: Brittany Lau

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