Eric vs Hogan | Coog Cinema Shorts

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

After a disagreement over who deserves a promotion to manager, two employees decide to settle things in a more exciting manner. This is where the fun begins!

Cast & Crew

Eric Stahmer

Hogan He

Emily Frazee

Director: Comfort Abiodun

Producer: Brittany Lau

Pre-production Leader: Jeana'e Jackson

Writer/Script Supervisor: Eric Stahmer

Camera Operators: AJ Jones, Ben Erickson

Action Consultant: Kaiser Tin-U

Boom Operators: Charles Bergman, Emily Frazee, Jessica Henderson

Visual Effects: Charles Bergman, Eric Stahmer

Editor: Charles Bergman

Production Assistant: Lauryn Oates

Extras: Isaiah Leal, Trevor Nolley

A Coog Cinema Shorts Production

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