Is The Haunted Mansion Appropriate For Kids? | Coog Cinema Reviews

Based on the famous Disneyland attraction, The Haunted Mansion follows Jim Evers, a real estate agent and avid workaholic. After planning a family vacation to make up for lost time, the Evers receive a call from a mysterious client, which leads them to the ominous property of Edward Gracey. Having only planned to briefly discuss selling the estate, they are forced to stay the night and soon after discover that there’s a much more sinister plan in mind. Brittany Lau and CJ Moorer sit down to discuss whether this film adaptation, while providing fun scares for adults, is appropriate for kids to watch.

Host(s): Brittany Lau, CJ Moorer

Director/Producer: Jessica Henderson

Editor: Brittany Lau

Boom Operator: Jonathan Sasser

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