Should I | Coog Cinema Shorts

A bittersweet love story about the rise and fall of a fast-paced relationship.

Cast & Crew

Adrian Romero

Angie Sandoval

Director: Comfort Abiodun

Producer: Brittany Lau

Pre-production Leader: Jeana'e Jackson

Story by: Ryan Oseguera

Writer: Lindsey Jimenez

Director of Photography/Editor: Joey Zheng

Assistant Editor: Charles Bergman

Sound: N'Namdi Jelani, Maria Perez

Production Assistant: Claudia Melo

Special Thanks to:

Extra Credit Rooftop and Patio Bar

Lydia Tinsley for the apartment

Jeana'e Jackson for her car

Brittany Lau for Adrian's breath

A Coog Cinema Shorts Production

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