What Are We Watching During Quarantine? | Coog Cinema Reviews

In this special edition of Coog Cinema Reviews, various hosts discuss what they’ve been watching during quarantine from the comfort of their own homes. Join us as we talk about Netflix’s controversial Tiger King, Nickelodeon’s classic Avatar, and the beloved movie Space Jam among many other series and films. We hope you enjoy our recommendations and continue to stay safe.

Cast and Crew

Host(s): Adrian Romero, Ali Jawad, Brittany Lau, Daisy Espinoza, Daniel Jackson, Isaiah Leal, Jeana'e Jackson, Jesus Sanchez, and Ryan Nelson

Head Editor: Angie Sandoval

Assistant Editors: Ryan Nelson, Isaiah Leal, Brittany Lau, Hannia Yeverino, and Daisy Espinoza

Producer: Brittany Lau

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