Why Is Home Alone A Christmas Classic? | Coog Cinema Reviews

Arguably the most iconic Christmas movie of all time, Home Alone follows the McCallister family as they frantically prepare for their holiday vacation. Unfortunately after a storm knocks out the power in their area, the family mistakenly rushes to the airport without the youngest of the bunch, Kevin. With the house to himself, Kevin ensues on a fun-filled adventure, but his excitement dwindles when he realizes two con men plan to rob the residence, leading him to defend his home all on his own. For this review, Brittany Lau and CJ Moorer relive their nostalgia as they look back on their favorite moments from the franchise and discuss what makes these movies Christmas classics to this day.

Host(s): Brittany Lau, CJ Moorer

Director: Diego Diaz

Audio: Jessica Henderson

Producer/Editor: Brittany Lau

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